Upgrade Your Professional Image: Get a Professional Headshot Today!

A recent client of ours was made “redundant” from her corporate job. The outplacement firm of her company provided her with provided headshots with a professional photographer for a fee. Our client paid to have the choice of two shots.  She selected one and posted it to her LinkedIn page even though she felt it wasn’t flattering and made her look old. As soon as the picture was up, recruiters  immediately stopped reaching out to her. We redid her photo, and she got multiple job offers the next week.

Headshot photography NJ

When it comes to conveying your corporate image, having sharp, professional videos and photographs is an invaluable investment.  For almost two decades, we’ve been helping professionals in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania with image branding through engaging videos and beautiful photography.

Why should you hire a professional headshot photographer in NJ

Before we take a single picture, we’ll take the time to get to know you so we can visually capture a flattering and professional image for you to prospective employers and recruiters.  Creating a strong and flattering image is imperative to your job hunt and professional photographs can convey this quickly and effectively to the most discerning employers and recruiters.

In addition to providing headshot photography in NJ and the Lehigh Valley ,we understand that corporate imagery, one-size-does-not-fit-all for today’s businesses. We’ll develop a strategy that will highlight the best your company has to offer.

Our services include professional photography of the following:

  • Headshots and Business Portraits
  • Headquarters and Buildings
  • Employees and Teams
  • Corporate Events
  • Tradeshows